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    1. TU Freiberg, Sachen/Saxony

    a. International Business in Developing and Emerging Market (IBDEM)

    The Master Programme of International Business in Developing and Emerging Markete provides future managers with theoretical and practical insights into international business and economics. It permits the students to understand and participate in today‘s and future opportunities in transition and development issues of worldwide business.
    The Programme

    This Master is designed to offer market oriented business training in modern management and practice for young future East and West managers. It has a distinct economics and international business flavour with a special focus on industrial economics and includes some complementary modules supplying other important competencies.
    The first two semesters consist of mandatory and optional courses at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. A fundamental knowledge of modern economics, especially of the economies of developing, emerging, and former transition countries, as well as knowledge in special fields of international management, are an integral part of the Freiberg modules.
    In the second year, the students have the opportunity to spend one semester abroad at a partner university. In the last semester, a three month internship leads the student into a master thesis that can be written and supervised in Freiberg or a partner university.
    The programme offers the possibility to do a double MBA with a selection of partner universities. All courses of the international programme in Freiberg and abroad are taught in English.

    executable plan

    print version

    Job Opportunities after Graduation

    Typical professions targeted by IBDEM MBA graduates: In companies, this includes predominantly higher levels of management with significant responsibilities, in particular with respect to the internationalisation of the firm.
    In public administration institutions, IBDEM MBAs would target departments and professions that are concerned with international bilateral and multilateral negotiations on economic issues such as trade in goods and services, international transfer of capital, inward and outward foreign direct investment, international innovation networks and policies, competition law and competition policy, economic aspects of environmental protection, etc. In international organisations and NGOs, graduates from this MBA programme could make a difference on issues like economic development, pro-poor policies, economic aspects of transition, etc.

    Admission requirements:
    Bachelor or similar degree in the fields of business studies, economics or other studies with some relationship to economics or business, with a German grade of at the very least 3.0 (65 %)

    Job experience

    as a general rule, minimum of 1 year job experience is required

    Proof of English language proficiency:
    TOEFL with at least 213 points (computerbased), 80 (IBT), 550 (paper-based), or IELTS with a minimum of band 6.0, or equivalent English language test

    Proof of topical/analytical proficiency:
    GMAT with a minimum of 550 points or GRE with a minimum of 1,050 points

    Please note: the above conditions are compulsory for all IBDEM-students. A waiver for the test of English language proficiency will be granted to students with English as mother tongue, and may be granted where the previous education was completely in English language.

    The TU Bergakademie Freiberg has the DI Code 8233 for the GRE test, and 123-ZK-23 for GMAT.

    30 students

    4 semesters

    MBA in International Business in Developing and Emerging Markets (IBDEM)

    Beginning of programme:
    winter term (1st October)

    Application deadline:

    The admission board meets regularly to accept very good applicants thoughout the year.

    Students in need of a Visa are encouraged to send their complete application package in hard copy by
    30 April of each year
    all others 15 July of each year
    Late submissions may be considered if there are still free places

    More infos : Applications by new students

    International Management of Resources and Environment” (IMRE)
    The environment and the rare natural resources are becoming more and more important for mankind’s future. The existence of immense global problems is waiting for a solution, that’s why the international MBA Programme “International Management of Resources and Environment” (IMRE) focuses on the environment as well as on the natural resources providing useful and practice-oriented knowledge on the management of both. The programme offers an interesting and demanding study plan providing students with capabilities for today’s challenging requirements in a globalised world.
    The Programme

    • offers a general education, which is oriented to economics and engineering science;
    • provides students with a sound education in general business administration
    • provides students with general problem solving – and specific recourse management – skills;
    • provides students with skills for facing environmental protection related problems; offers a mixture of lectures dealing with general economics and business administration and more specialized topics environmental and resource management
    • combines general management prospects with skills and knowledge of experts in the field of resource and environmental management
    • offers superior research abilities and improvement of German language skills

    Ablaufplan Master


    Job Opportunities after Graduation

    • After graduation students could find work as managers, financial experts, bankers, scientists and a lot more. With the specific and sound education of IMRE students can …
    • work in nationally and internationally acting companies involved in
      resource management
    • manage ecologically sustainable technological projects in the frame work of reconnaissance and exploration of resources
    • develop and realize projects in the field of environmental protection
    • perform tasks in banks, assurance companies and financing institutions
    Alumni Network

    The “IMRE Alumni Association” is a network open to all IMRE graduates. The network intends to enhance the communication between alumni, serves as an information platform regarding current activities, organizes workshops and conferences in the different home countries of the alumni and tries to develop contacts to related associations and scientific institutions worldwide. The alumni network serves as an opportunity for former IMRE student to stay in touch after graduation and for current students to get a glimpse of the variety of possible jobs in the future. Alumni offer internships to current IMRE students on a regular basis.
    Admission requirements:
    Bachelor’s Degree (minimum 6 semesters) or equivalent in engineering or natural sciences or related fields (exceptions are possible); proof of adequate English by proficiency by a TOEFL score of 550 (213 computerbased, 78/79 internet-based), or IELTS score of 6.0, or equivalent English language test; submission of the complete Application Package. More information about the application procedure is available on our website: tu-freiberg.de/fakultaet6/imre

    30 students

    Duration: 4 semesters
    Language: English
    Degree: MBA in International Management of Resources and Environment (IMRE)
    Beginning of programme: winter term (1st October)
    Application deadline: 15th April for each winter term

    For more info: https://tu-freiberg.de/studiengang/imre/
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    Cảm ơn Ad. Xin hỏi còn trường nào nhận đào tạo Master ngành Marketing không ạ ?

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